December 2014

Is smoking covered by any Anti-Discrimination Acts?

A client recently asked me the question “during a job interview, can I ask someone if they are a smoker?” In short the answer is yes.

Smoking does not fall under any of the Anti-Discrimination Acts, meaning there is nothing illegal about refusing to hire a smoker. If smoking was found to be a disability, it would be illegal to discriminate against smokers. Although nicotine is an addiction, it may not be seen as a disability due to the range of alternatives available that allow employees to continue working, including nicotine patches and gum.

Christmas Party Do’s and Don’ts

Having just enjoyed our end of year get together, it is easy to see that a Christmas party is a great way to celebrate the achievements of your employees and organisation over the past year. However, it is important to remind your employees that a work function still requires appropriate conduct for a workplace.


We recommend you remind your employees:

·       They must conduct themselves in a manner that is not likely to have an adverse impact on your organisation.

·       At all times the perception of them by members of the public is paramount.