Melville Family Health Centre

Melville Family Health Centre is an integrated family health facility with a range of professionals that offer comprehensive care. Experienced family doctors practice in a multidisciplinary approach with physiotherapists, dentists, community nurses, psychologists and pathology.


As long-term members of the Chamber of Commerce, the Health Centre has been servicing the Fremantle and Melville communities since the 1970’s. This is reflected in their unique and inspiring facilities that echo the surrounding region through traditional and antique displays, such as museum collections, fish tanks and water features.


Their vision is to educate patients, families and members of the business community through working together addressing their needs. With an efficient and professional approach to diagnosis, Melville Family Health Centre emphasises the importance of management of patients’ health outcomes and providing ongoing clinical care to maintain wellness.


The passionate staff greet visitors with a heartfelt smile and welcome same day appointments for all people and problems. The reception staff and nurses also ensure that the practitioners at the Centre are communicating for the benefit of their patients.


Melville Family Health Centre is there to assist you to get the best healthcare solutions and is easily accessible at 340 Marmion Street. Surrounded by native flora that can’t be missed, the Centre takes pride in their environment and many enchanting treasures adorn its’ walls. Melville Family Health Centre remains the core hub accessing local health care providers and services throughout Melville and Fremantle.


Melville Family Health Centre assists all members of the family and is dedicated to: “Working Together for Your Health.”

(08) 9330 3922