Maria Doyle: Create Real Change

Maria Doyle is a curriculum developer and teacher trainer, who helps professionals systemise their expertise, skills and knowledge, into a range of educational products and services like workshops, online courses and coaching packages. She works with a broad range of professions including but not limited to those in the health and wellness, construction, business, leadership, financial, technology, international development, emergency services, graphic design and photography industries.

After nearly 20 years in the education and training sectors, both internationally and in Australia, she has graduate qualifications and has worked in a broad range of learning environments including but not limited to schools, colleges, businesses, training councils, universities, private language schools, community center’s and corporate environments.

Her mission is to empower those who are passionate about creating real change in the world, to discover and implement the basic principles of best practice teaching and learning. By doing this, they can engage, inspire and motivate their clients to improve their lives through positive, needs based, outcomes driven training.

She believes that quality education and training should be available to communities everywhere, regardless of socio-economic status, religion, location, gender or historical background; therefore she regularly organises volunteer teacher training trips to schools in developing countries that otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity for basic teacher training.

She works with clients one on one to develop their training content, and has also created ‘The Library’; a collection of webinars, tutorials, activities and worksheets to help passionate and experienced professionals create quality learning experiences. Download a free Training Skills Assessment and her 12 Step Blueprint for Creating Quality Learning Experiences here