Intimidating Employees

Intimidation is unacceptable in any circumstance, and can be particularly damaging in the workplace.

Here are some of the best ways to handle an intimidating employee.

  • If you notice an employee acting in an intimidating manner, address the behaviour immediately. Meet with the employee in private, and tell them that it isn’t acceptable and will not be tolerated in the workplace.
  • Listen to their colleagues. You might not see them engaging in negative behaviour, but the rest of the office could. Ensure that you keep your eyes and ears open and follow up any complaints.
  • If the behaviour continues, begin a formal disciplinary process. Having a formal chat may be all that it takes to ensure that they don’t repeat their behaviour.
  • If they do not improve through the formal disciplinary process, you may have to consider further disciplinary action, such as a written warning.

It is important for you as an employer to be approachable by all employees. A person being intimidated by a colleague might be too scared to say anything, so keep your eyes open and make yourself available for a quick chat.

Get to the root of the problem and keep an open mind – the employee’s behaviour could stem from stress or even a mental health issue. Work to understand their situation and try to reach the best possible outcome for both the employee and your organisation.

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