WORKWELL Ellen Health

Building on the success of the medical centre, Ellen Health now has a dedicated service tailoring solutions for your workplace medical needs - WORKWELL Ellen health.

Ellen health and WORKWELL have a motivated and well-qualified team of doctors, nurses, psychologists and support staff who are dedicated to providing your employees with the best possible care. They pride themselves on their ability to develop long-standing relationships with companies, encouraging communication and high quality care for workers. 

Services include careful pre-employment medicals and active management of work related injuries. They can arrange bookings for medicals, alcohol and drug tests, and much more…. seven days per week.

WORKWELL Ellen Health knows the importance of good communication with employers to minimise lost time from injuries, and they work with employers to find alternative duties for injured staff where possible. Their team approach to rehabilitating injured workers helps faciliate a speedy return to work.

They offer holistic health care, working alongside their clients for wellness in the workplace. They can provide consultancy work and offer seminars for your workplace.

WORKWELL also provides specialist mental health services and counselling aimed at reducing workplace anguish and suicide risk, and improving the wellbeing and productivity of your staff.

Contact WORKWELL Ellen Health today for more information about their services on 9239 0239, or visit their website: