CEO UPDATE – Heralding the Plans

CEO Update
Defence Industry Development
Released across this last week, are two great plans that will have a significant impact on Fremantle but in very different ways. Both are great news!

Defence Industry development

For the manufacturing and Defence service industries of our region, the State Government launched the first Western Australia Defence and Defence Industries Strategic Plan

Three keys areas that will grow the region’s economic capacity are:

  • Supporting a strong enduring defence presence - Promoting the case for WA to be the principal location for maintenance and sustainment for the future submarines and frigates. These contracts are expected to exceed $50 billion through the life of the new fleets;       
  • Growing the State's defence industry capability and contribution - Facilitate business opportunities and collaboration overseas to maximise domestic and international defence opportunities;   
  • Developing strategic infrastructure - Establish an across-government task force to undertake strategic planning for the expansion and management of Henderson and the Australian Marine Complex.

If you have been lucky enough to get registered for the touring of the floating dock facility at the Australian Marine Complex in a couple of weeks, you will get a bird's eye oversight of the importance of Henderson to our region’s industrial capacity and the businesses that are growing the employment stakes.

Marketing Fremantle

Over the past 6 months we have been pleased to deliver progressive news of the change in use of the CBD Business Differential rate.

The Chamber has been there for the whole journey - we celebrated the decision for change in April, then the appointment of the Destination Marketing Work Group and last week, Council’s unanimous decision to approve the Fremantle Destination Marketing Strategic Plan

The Chamber advocated for the proposal to combine the budgets of Fremantle Story and the CBD differential rate to deliver a marketing strategy, with extra muscle, to compete in a crowded market. It is about bringing more people into Fremantle, having confidence in our great experiences and offerings and to be able to take more control of our brand.

Fremantle continues to see a reduction in the number of people coming here and it is absolutely critical we get a great deal more traction across the week. More people equal more customers be it for retail, hospitality, professional services and/or experiences.   

The new brand won’t be ready in time but there’s no time like the lead up to the festive season to run a Christmas campaign for Perth’s best open-air shopping centre. Radio campaigns, digital shopping map, social media, parking Santa are all part of the mix. To be part of it contact, review the last couple of Fremantle Trader eNewsletters, or visit the City of Fremantle website.


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