131444 – Making the Call

CEO Update
In December, I reported on the Chamber’s Small Business Retail (SBR) group meeting with the City of Fremantle’s Community Safety team and WA Police (Fremantle). Pre and post Christmas, issues of CBD and community safety escalated across a range of communications and forums, private and public.

Most often it was about “someone else doing something about it” or “someone doing nothing about it”. The “it” being crime of all sorts. Basically, we still don’t feel there is a timely response to the issues on our streets.

We have WA Police statistics showing Fremantle crime statistics are at their lowest for 3 years and the Fremantle district is the 3rd lowest for crime, across the 8 metro districts. On one hand that’s a good new story. It’s believable because it comes from the crimes reported to WA Police on 131 444.  Those statistics also influence the police resources allocated to WA Police for the Fremantle District.

We have increased CCTV, community information groups sharing details of suspicious activity, communications between Community Safety Officers and WA Police.  So why are we feeling a disconnect with our experience on the street and the statistics that inform our policing?

I think we have found comfort in other ways of getting things dealt with and have stopped reporting.  Over time this has cycled through to create a good new story on reduced crime statistics and resulted in a reduced police presence.

We need to move on from anecdotal chatter and influence the statistics so we get the Police resources we need to make this great City, a safe City.

So before you post of to any number of local facebook sites or what’s app groups – call 131444 first. Report it all - the theft, the crack pipes, the deals, the aggressive and threatening behaviour, the trespass – report it all.

Call 131 444 first.

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