Rethinking the Christmas & New Year Break

CEO Update
If you are in retail, hospitality or a myriad of tourism offerings, December is a competitive month but also a potentially lucrative one.

This year the City of Fremantle, through the Destination Marketing Fund, allocated funds to deliver a Christmas marketing campaign.  It includes digital media and radio campaigns, Parking Santa, competitions and window displays. The marketing spend is by no means as much as the average repetitive, soulless, suburban shopping centre spends – but it sends a message that Fremantle is open for business. It also adds value to the marketing your business invests in as a matter of course. 

Come close of business on December 24th,  we understand you are likely plum tired, desperate for some down time and looking forward to not coming back to work until into the New Year. The workforce that may be your normal daytime customers throughout the year is likely to be on holiday, most of the State is on holiday. But not everyone has a holiday rental down south or heads off for European adventures.  The Perth metro area doesn’t empty out and this is perfect time of year for day trips in one’s own town. This is the perfect time of year for finding Fremantle. 

My observations of the last few years is that after Christmas, the number of people walking the CBD streets is second only to the Street Arts Festival.  People do day trips to Fremantle with family and friends. No one can guarantee sales from tyre-kicking local (Perth) tourists but it would be a good look if more of Fremantle was open for business during what could be a great peak season. I know running a long term market stall for three days a week is a little different from a 7 day per week operation but maybe we need take heed from the opening hours of the Fremantle Markets at the end of December.  Two days closed for Christmas and Boxing day and then open for 5 days straight. The Fremantle Markets are a high profile and established destination and are not shying away from bringing customers in.
Having your doors open is the only way people get to step into your business.

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