My final CEO Update

CEO Update
My final CEO Update is short and begins with a thank you to a very resilient group of people, the Fremantle business community. It’s a diverse ever-changing passionate business landscape – from the industrial through to our great museums.

Fremantle is never without its economic challenges but the reconstruction of Fremantle’s East End is starting to gain speed and is very exciting. The building works for Kings Square are underway. The closure of Many 2.0 in March heralds the construction of the Little Lane residential development at the old Coles/Spotlight building.   Bordering Kings Square Silverleaf’s Manning Building redevelopment is underway and the Old Police Station site is gathering speed. Victoria Quay is back on the agenda. Even Market Street Plaza is likely to see some tenant action soon. There’s always been talk but now we really are seeing action.

After surviving the Pipes for Perth through the West End, our next larger scale challenge is to target the increased residential populations the CBD desperately needs, here’s looking at Quarry Street and the development of Fremantle Oval.

Fremantle has always been a place of the greatest potential and I that we are soon to step out with new marketing which is essential for the business community of today, so that they too are part of the future Fremantle.

The Chamber is not a place that starts and stops.  There are a whole lot of people involved in the Board, committees and the team at 16 Phillimore Street attending to the needs of the business community.  I would like to thank them all. I close with a reminder to stay tuned to Chamber Weekly - there’s a whole lot of new events and opportunities on the Chamber agenda.

It’s has been grand!


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