Our Leaders Lunch 2021 with The Hon. Rita Saffioti, MLA, Minister for Transport, Planning and Ports gathered a room full of Fremantle business leaders and significant stakeholders from across the metropolitan area.

Minister Saffioti holds the Ministerial keys to much of Fremantle’s future and the feedback from those in attendance echoed just how important this conversation around connecting the opportunities for Fremantle into Future, both physically and from an economic perspective, will be in the coming years.

In recent years our Chamber Board and Committees have had numerous conversations on how we support our diverse range of businesses and ensure Fremantle can build on its historic and traditional economic roots around shipping, merchants and trade.

Almost all of these conversations and our advocacy positions come back to connections…

  • Connecting our harbours from Rous Head down to the AMC and further afield,
  • Connecting our historic social, residential and economic heartland down the southern corridor, back into Fremantle,
  • Connecting our historic heart to a beat of a sustainable, populated and modern urban centre of commercial and residential activity, and
  • Connecting consistent foot traffic through our streets and into our retail and tourism businesses.

Since 1873, the Chamber has represented such a diversity of business leaders and industry sectors, even working on the connections across such a diversity of business is both our core strength, and our greatest challenge. Finding commonality and structural support to assist in the consistent growth across all sectors is crucial.

Over the next 12 months, our Development & Infrastructure Committee, our Marine & Engineering Committee, our Tourism Committee and our Small Business and Retail Committee are setting priorities to advocate for a number of these important areas of connection, and most importantly to continue to raise the conversation around how we maintain connection to our brand as a Port City if our inner harbour is no longer the entry point for container trade.

I encourage you to listen to the conversation from the day (now live on our podcast station), and be an active part of how the Chamber contributes to these conversations into the future.

A video on the event is also available below.

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