Home is Where Your Story Begins

Annie Danielson, Trinidad Entrepreneur

A friend sent me a link to this TED talk by Orange Prize for Finction Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on Sunday on the danger of a single story. It raises some really important points about single perspectives, how home and our early years form us and our duty to seek out more than a one dimensional view of the world.

I have been mulling over many of the themes raised in this conversation and how they may relate to the different stories of this particular region and the diversity of perspectives Fremantle brings to our lives.

On Sunday, I will lay a wreath on behalf of our members at the Anzac Day Ceremony. The perspective on up on Monument Hill looking over the area and through to the sun coming up to the East is a poignant moment to reflect on Fremantle’s many stories and many perspectives that shape the way we do business in our Port City.

International conflict – be in physical warfare, racial conflict or even trade wars – creates such a challenge in understanding how different points of view and sticking to a single story can end up in such traumatic conflict that harms so many.

In other perspectives this week, I went inside Fremantle Hospital to meet with the Director of Operations this week, who talked through all the plans for the hospital. The significant fit out and air-conditioning works they are currently undertaking using local contractors and the fact that the hospital is still a major employer in our City, with more expansion to come is an important story that is quite misunderstood locally so we will aim to keep members up to date on this work and changes down there.

Mental health services in W and V blocks on Alma Swill be a major focus into the future and by 2024 there will be an additional 107 beds.

I am really pleased to announce that the Chamber will be offering a new training program for our retail and hospitality members, and their staff, at the front line of impacts of often aggressive anti-social behaviour in the community. Working with Fremantle Minds Inc the course will look specifically at site specific examples of how best to manage aggression and anti-social behaviour when it affects your business. There are more details to come but diarise July 23rd for this course.

We will continue to push for better outcomes in this area for Fremantle but we believe equipping our members and staff with some tools to manage the issue on a personal level is just one step to helping us all.

Another Chamber member who does incredible things in the space of telling our local stories, engaging our youth (and particularly those disenfranchised) and impressing us on a regular basis is Circus WA. I met with Circus WA’s Artistic Director this week about their plans for a State Centre for Circus and the synergy this could bring for the film hub proposal (in terms of shared rigging and stunt resources) and the creative industries more broadly. Stay tuned on this one.

Imagine if all this week’s conversations could just happen with a click of the finger – an international film hub on Victoria Quay, a State Centre for Circus, an iconic landing point at Pioneer Park with a new puppet theatre, a regional hub for Super Yachts, active developments down the coastal corridor and into the AMC, a new link down Norfolk St into Fishing Boat Harbour via the Italian Club Redevelopment and a state of the art mental health facility at Fremantle Hospital. What a new story that would tell for our future! Lets make it happen!

There are a lot of great events for the Chamber coming up so make sure you scroll right through this edition to diarise and book yourself into them all.

Please also check in on the final call out to help us bring the WAFL Grand FInal back to Fremantle for 2021 below!

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