“When all else fails cleaning your space is the perfect antidote to most of life’s ills” Sue Grafton, Author

New York best seller William H.Raven has made a fortune telling people that changing the world starts with making your bed. As someone who has been bed ridden with COVID this week I’ve had a bit of time to think about making my bed and the difference it can make to one’s day and state of mind.

This reflection followed a great conversation I had with Rosslyn de Souza a fortnight back in the hidden charms of the Fibonacci Centre Japanese Cafe on Blinco St around a similar theme of making your bed, sprucing yourself up and starting with the basics.

Rosslyn is an advocate supporter of Fremantle, our Creative Industries and a Director at Artsource. We profile her work to keep the #FreoFinds window campaign alive and get art into our forgotten spaces below. It is however her commitment to window cleaning that is the whole point of this CEO update today.

We often talk about Fremantle’s key asset being our heritage spaces and incredible streets for meandering and wondering. However I walked Market St and South Tce with some friends from Sydney the same week and I must say I really didn’t feel we were showing these incredible streets and spaces our best side. I’m not just talking about empty ground floor  retail – that is a whole other conversation (which you can read more about some of our thoughts on better planning for ground floor activations and property on our advocacy pages). It was the dirty windows, filthy floors and forgotten doorsteps that made me want to turn their eyes in the other direction.

Today I encourage, and implore,  all of our member agents, our landowners and our business owners to stand outside your properties and just think about what your windows show what you are trying to achieve with your property, your business or your own personal goals. The windows of Fremantle are what our visitors see as they meander through our streets and they leave a lasting impression.

Okay enough of my rant about unsightly windows and their link to town pride I’m sure you have the message!

On a much more positive note we are so pleased to announce today, hot off that press, that thanks to a generous sponsorship from the City of Fremantle’s Economic Development Team we will not only bring our successful “Shine the Light” windows campaign to life again this Christmas – bigger and better – we will be supporting it with an incredible lead in event The Inaugural Fremantle Fashion Showcase across the weekend of November 10-13.

Chamber members South Metro TAFE will be presenting their emerging designer showcase across two shows in the Fremantle Town Hall, supported by an array of static displays, retailer events and talks. It will include production of an iconic photographic campaign shot locally to promote the event. Through this program, we will be putting the spotlight on this important, but often hidden, part of Fremantle’s Creative Industries. South Metro TAFE visual merchandising students will also be embarking on a unique studio project to be paired with a retailer to help design their “Shine the Light” window in the lead up to Christmas. We can’t wait to show the rest of Perth, Western Australia and further afield what talent we have on our doorsteps and what independent retail really means.

This idea emerged from our Tourism Committee as a way to activate our street and spaces, we turned it into a goal and worked with all our stakeholders to bring it into a plan for FY23. We will be discussing how to set goals and targets for your own businesses in our next Set the Month in Motion next Wednesday morning 1 June. My voice maybe still a bit croaky but I am very much looking forward to speaking with Jason from RSM, Russell from CSG Marketing and Susan from Business Foundations on setting strategic goals, budgets and plans to ensure your business moves forward into this new more welcoming year ahead.

Join us in the room for croissants, networking, coffee and chats with our panel. Register HERE. 

PS one final note on window cleaning – Mack and his awesome team at All Glass Window Cleaning offer 10% discount to all Chamber members – might be the day to call them !


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