The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Peter Drucker, Business Educator

At our Development & Infrastructure Committee meeting this morning, we had an interesting conversation around how do we ensure our planning schemes and regional development aspirations fit within the context of what the future and emerging industries will require. Gone are the days where we mark out separate coloured boxes on our Structure Plans and Local Planning Schemes for different industry sectors. The “collision economy” is here and whilst it is exciting we are in a process of transition that makes it hard to plan and forecast for what our region will require into the future.

Steve Dickson, Chief Property and Facilities Officer for the University of Notre Dame reminded us the focus always needs to on “curation” rather than “activation”. What do we want for our future? and how do we come together to make it happen?

This applies to our push for Southern Corridor Transport, our aspirations for our built environment and our commercial spaces into the future, our urban realm development and our planning for the Future of Fremantle post the likely move of our container port out of the inner harbour.

Whilst it is a challenge to not know where technology, industry or our community will be in the future in the face of such rapid change, one thing we do know is that we can’t wait for the future to be here, we have to plan like it is here.

We committed today to bringing forward our conversation with our O’Connor food and distribution businesses as to how we create a better brand and support for their sector into the future, to defining what success looks like for what emerging businesses will need for their City and their spaces to be into the future, and to continuing to push for the Southern Corridor Transport now, rather than wait for whether the future will bring us a different solution over heavy or light rail. Nothing is stopping us putting down the corridor on paper and making it happen.

We have had such great progress this week on the State’s Superyacht Strategy, harbour planning, opportunities for our Tourism businesses and our Creative Industries. The momentum of change is here if we all keep pushing in the right direction.

Heading for the North Star was a great concept raised by Russell Smith in our Set the Month in Motion yesterday. Curious ? Listen here.

We will be discussing our emerging industries and how we keep moving into the Future at our Leaders Lunch on Thursday 23 June. We are fortunate to have the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation Director General join us for this conversation, alongside some key emerging industry leaders. Register for your ticket to be part of this important Chamber event here.

We are also getting very close to launching our 2022 Fremantle Business Awards to uncover and promote the excellence we have here in our region. Save the date of Thursday 15 September for the awards at a very special hidden Fremantle location.

The future does indeed look bright!


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