“If one does not know to which Port one is sailing, no wind is favourable” Seneca Roman Philosopher

Today we are talking all things Port, Marine and the Infrastructure that connects us.

Today we gathered the leaders of our marine and engineering businesses from North Fremantle down to the Australian Marine Complex (AMC) into one room for our 2021 Marine & Engineering Think Tank. We were supported this year by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, the City of Fremantle and For.Blue in their efforts to look at growth and investment opportunities for this sector.

The conversation showed the scale and level of opportunity that comes from bringing together the leaders of this historic, and crucially important industry for the region, the incredible diversity of this sector and the infrastructure planning, challenges and constraints that are restricting its growth into the future. There was a lot of talk of Super Yachts, links between the AMC, Fishing Boat Harbour, the inner harbour and Rous Head facilities, and how we brand and tell the story of not just our capability, but also the role they play in servicing and attracting global players in the industry.

There is more on SuperYachts below and we will share the findings of today’s think tank in next week’s Chamber Weekly.

We also celebrate local marine industry leader and Chamber member TAMS win of the Pilbara Ports $1.4 million contract this week. A significant demonstration of what this local industry is achieving here, and outside our region.

We welcome new Fremantle Ports CEO, Michael Parker who brings a vast knowledge of resource and marine industries from across the world, including time as MD of Alcoa Australia. Those Chamber members registered for next week’s Fremantle Ports hosted business after hours (featuring our local products and their journey to market) will have a chance to meet Michael in person and chat about his vision for the Port.

We also met with the new Alliance for the Swan River Crossings Project on their revised alignment options for Fremantle Bridge. There is more on this important infrastructure project and how to have your say below.

Fremantle is a Port City at its heart. As a Chamber we need to continue to work to ensure recreational vessels, commercial boat builders, refitters, container trade, aquaculture, fishing and even SuperYachts can find their place in Fremantle’s future, and continue to move in and out of our Harbours. It is a vital and important backbone to the way we do business. It creates favourable winds for all of us – whether we are in retail, tourism, trade services, manufacturing, events, fishing or local government.

Read more on Super Yachts and the Swan River Bridge Crossing in Chamber Weekly here.