“Meetings should have as few people as possible but all the right people ” Charles W Scharf, CEO, Wells Fargo

Thank you to our quorum of members who braved the storm on Tuesday night to attend the 148th Annual General Meeting of our organisation.

As I presented in my CEO Report to those members present, our new strategic plan 2021-2025 was endorsed by the Board last month and the wheels are in motion for us to continue to be voice for business in the region for many more years to come.

All of our work over the last few years is reflected in the significant growth and support of our membership base. We welcomed 94 new members across the last financial year, and our retention rate of members is one of the strongest we have seen through the records.

You can read more on our 148th Annual Report and our new Strategic Plan under the resource page on this site.

A thank you to our auditors Francis A Jones for their work to help prepare the final accounts for the year. Being able to cover the significant works to our heritage building, and our most significant member asset, has been a re-assuring outcome in the improvement in our financial position across the year.

To the team of dedicated staff at the Chamber, our generous Corporate Partners and Sponsors, our Board who take on so much responsibility to guide our organisation, our Committees and our members, you are the life and energy behind our Chamber.  I thank each of you for your commitment, time and resources to helping achieve what we have achieved over the last 12 months.

The winds of change on the stormy night of the AGM brought more than just strong gusts of breeze as our outgoing President Mr Ivan Dzeba made his final report as President to the members. Ivan has led our organisation through 4 years of considerable change, with diplomacy and patience. He has been the steady hand when I occasionally stand up with too much impatience and force. He has done so much behind the scenes to improve our reputation and build our standing within government circles and the community. I am very thankful that Ivan will remain on the Chamber Board to continue to help guide our efforts.

We welcomed Lee Bartlett, CFO of TAMS Group and current Chamber Treasurer elected to the Chair at the AGM! I welcome the opportunity to introduce you to Lee in more detail below.

This week we also welcomed a new Mayor in Hannah Fitzhardinge and a new Deputy Mayor in Frank Mofflin to the City of Fremantle’s Council. Both Hannah and Frank are strong supporters of economic growth and local engagement of business and procurement in the region. We look forward to their focus and leadership over their term.

A big note of congratulations to all of our newly elective Councillors – to quote our outgoing Chamber President we meet our aspirations of the future through positive engagement and considered conversations that drive real and constructive change.

May the winds of change continue to help the Fremantle region set sail into a positive future.