“Be curious about all fields: the future belongs to those who can connect creativity to technology” – Walter Isaacson – Writer

Flashpoint on Channel 7 last night highlighted a conversation long held in Fremantle as to why we cannot bring together our creative sector, our engineering know how and our incredible film production houses to create an international hub for film. If you haven’t seen it as yet, it is well worth a look – link to the panel chat is HERE.

It reminded me that although business is tough here on our shores, so many businesses in other parts of the world are still in shut down mode or struggling with the fall out from COVID-19 in a way that we cannot even begin to imagine. We are so lucky to be doing business in Fremantle, and in Western Australia, that it reminded me today how much we need to celebrate our strengths, and share this with the world – even if it is only digitally.

We will explore the lessons learnt through COVID-19 on the integration and role that digital technology places in the retail landscape in our next Set the Month in Motion on Wednesday 1 July – covering off the question what is the future of bricks and mortar? and how we best adapt our businesses to survive online? Register now for this interesting discussion with some very creative local business leaders.

A big thank you to our members who have jumped online to our new website, subscribed, got their new password and set up their member Director listing page. If you haven’t done so already please do jump online and start the process of sharing your business with other members so we can build our networks, be curious about what each other offers and connect each other more regularly. Already with only a few member businesses listed I am intrigued by the diversity of business leadership that we have on our doorstep.

Our creative industries, design and technology businesses, engineering and property leaders are some of the best in the state and we need to recognise the asset we have in this Greater Fremantle area.

From the train ride across a working harbour, to Friday drinks at Fishing Boat Harbour or connections to our industrial areas to the south, there are a lot of reasons to set up business in this region.

We will be launched a new campaign in the new financial year called #thisisYOURlocal… so we will be touching base with members once their Directory pages are live to talk through your unique selling point and getting an image to share through our social media platforms.

Please just call Michelle, our Membership and Committee Officer, on 9335 2711 if you have any queries about how to get your page live.

Lets start to get enthusiastic about what Fremantle offers as a place to do business in this new world, offers locals as a destination and what adventures we can create in our own workplaces to shift positively to the new people and shiny new businesses we are starting to get ready to re-present to the world.

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Image Credit: Ross Wyness @withoneeyeshut