“You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens” – Mandy Hale

I am not sure it is appropriate to be quoting from a New York relationship self-help author today but the words seem apt today as we start our budgeting cycles for the new financial year.

It is hard to know where to start on what the world might look like come July. We have been researching ideas on how to budget in times of crisis and have stumbled across some useful tips that we have shared below at the end of this edition of the Chamber Weekly.

We will also be covering the topic with the expects at our next Set the Month in Motion which will run live on Wednesday 6 April (more details below).

We watched with sadness during the week as, one of our most quirkly and iconic retail shops, “The Chart and Map Shop” closed its blue doors due to a landlord eviction. As a sailor this shop has been my go-to on many a day out in Fremantle, and back in the days before onboard GPS was a regular pit stop to purchase maps of local waters to go adventuring.

The closure of this iconic blue landmark also reminds us that independent and quirky retail needs OUR support. It is one thing to lament something, or blame others, after it is gone, however the best thing we can do is to support local business is take responsibility with our dollars and our purchases.

We all have limited funds at the moment but where you can find your new favourite local take-away, hunt online for a local store supporting your favourite local designer, and make sure you hunt out fresh fruit and veg from a local store. This is the way we keep our business community alive when we are all doing it tough.

For those retail and hospitality venues who are yet to build their online and digital presence, NOW is the time – and if you are budgeting this has to be a priority. Have a listen to our poscast as you think about where you want to go with a new digital presence, and as always contact the Chamber’s Membership Officer for some additional advice/support on how best to achieve this. We are here to connect the dots for our members, and how point you in the right direction for additional resources.

On that we acknowledge as a Chamber, we also need to find a way to budget to update our very old and antiquated website – more on this to follow in coming months! I just need to find a way to put it into our every shrinking budgeting for the year ahead!!

Another initiative that does need some further support, is the wonderful DOORSTEP DINNERS project that we launched last week. So wonderful to see the heartfelt community and business support for the project, and the strong positive media coverage from Channel 7, ABC and the Fremantle Gazette. I am so proud of how community leaders and business have come together to create and drive this innovative project, taking it from an idea to implementation in under 14 days, completely independently of local or state government support. A facebook page with more information on the program has been launched and we encourage you to follow this as it evolves https://www.facebook.com/doorstepfreo/

The 45 days of funding for the Doorstep Dinners trial is approaching very rapidly, and we would hate to see it then cast out to sea. St Pats and the project team are calling out for more corporate and individual funding to keep it alive as the need grows through this crisis time.

We are so grateful to Fremantle Ports for their support of the “Doorstep Dinners” project to the value of $10,000 announced this morning. See more on an update from our Corporate Partners at the Port further in the Chamber Weekly.

Contact us for more details if your organisation would like to join Fremantle Ports support Doorstep Dinners.

On another positive funding note, it has been wonderful to see some great inroads to the challenges being faced by our exporters this week. Please contact our export desk should you need any further information on these federal government initiatives.

Support local and stay safe until next week.

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image Credit: Cam Campbell