We love it! And we would love you to put our Port City in your calendar for your next business event.

Nowhere else in the world will you find such a diverse fusion of local culture, fresh produce, Indigenous and maritime history, Victorian marked streetscapes, quirky retail, heritage architecture, arts and waterfront experiences, live music, bars, small and hidden treasures – and all centred around a working port, three harbours, and a modern commercial centre.

Ignite your imagination with :

  • The diversity of spaces for small intimate cocktail events,
  • Creative satellite activities,
  • Large conferences, or
  • Just the ability to take a moment and breathe in the fresh, clean, salty sea air to clear the mind before you head into your next workshop.

Fremantle Western Australia celebrates a NEW way of doing business – contact any one of our business leaders to set sail on the most surprising, laid back and enriching experience for your association, your clients and your teams.

We encourage you to explore the diversity of offerings on our business event listings below, or download our brochure that includes venue capacity numbers and details.

Contact Western Australia’s oldest Chamber, the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce, to put you in contact with these business leaders that have each, already chosen to do business in here in Fremantle. Email: membership@fremantleChamber.com.au

Download our summary document that outlines further details to plan your business events in specific venues and locations

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