Yesterday, we turned our eyes inward at our monthly Set the Month in Motion Podcast forum to discuss creating positive workplace culture.

So much of our work at the Chamber is focused on how we manage the external forces on our local businesses and improve Fremantle as a destination and a place for investment. It was a welcome reminder this morning to pause and think through how our own internal culture plays out in the way we sell, the positivity we share with our customers and visitors, the assets of our physical spaces and our shared values and beliefs.

Our Set the Month in Motion monthly podcast panels, sponsored by the City of Fremantle’s Business Capacity Program, are growing month on month at the moment, with a full capacity this morning. The podcast downloads are also growing exponentially. It is wonderful to see the interest and willingness to get together and learn from each other being so positively received by our members and business community. If you haven’t tuned in as yet, I really encourage you to have a listen. I am constantly surprised by the tips and tricks shared by our panel that have such relevancy to the way we do business.

In today’s session Mark Jeffery’s from local Frichot and Frichot law firm shared the positive impact that moving into their new offices at the Manning Building has had for positive staff morale, as well as better systems, conversations and efficiencies. The attention to detail in Silverleaf Investments refurbishment of the Manning Building has been so positively received, and the investment is definitely breathing new life into the mall and Market St.

Our D & I Committee members had a constructive meeting with the City of Fremantle’s planning department this week to look at creative ways to further active some of the City’s more under-utilized properties and forgotten spaces – particularly those in the upper stories of our heritage streets. This positive action, identified by our Greater Fremantle Action Plan, is the first step in looking at how we can evolve this into an exciting project for the City.

Speaking of under-utilised spaces we welcomed two new tenants into our suites within Traders House in our Chamber building on Phillimore St this week. It is wonderful to see the building fully tenanted, bursting at the seams, and some great local business characters regularly in our halls again.

Our historic chamber boardroom, and our seminar room are still available for day hire for meetings and events. See the website for more information.

In working with internal teams to set the vision and quest for business, growth is one of the more challenging and complex periods to get culturally right. Corporate Partners RSM, who co-incidently will also be moving to premise next month, released an interesting thinkBIG report today. It looks at how to achieve business growth sustainably and profitably, and to take your employees on the journey with you. Well worth a download and a look.

Our sunset tour of the Australian Marine Complex will give us a chance to look inside the growth of this incredible facility on our doorstep and creatively think about how we can create better connections with these operations, and their staff and employees, back to Fremantle.

We also only have a few limited guest places left at our exclusive Corporate Partners event on board the Duyfken in a fortnight, please email Kellie in if you would like to join our Corporate Partners at this event.

Finally, I wanted to add how wonderful it was to hear the feedback from last night’s Tourism Committee on what some as saying is the best January trade in years. Driven by foot traffic from the dinosaurs activation, the effectiveness of this style of activation throughout the city is clear.

Lets work together to get Christmas Lights shinning, the Araluen Chilli Festival back in Fremantle and activated across the City, and maybe even create some murders and mayhem heritage trail school holiday activities on the agenda across the year.

Positive workplace culture and experiences seems a touch more achievable when we build on what we have – our heritage, our culture, our close social networks, connections and incredible physical spaces. We know that is what draw us together and using this as base gives us the opportunity to create something that others experience as very uniquely Fremantle.

Image Credit: Kellie Jacobs