“A LITTLE STEP MAYBE THE BEGINNING OF A GREAT JOURNEY” from inspired travel quotes, Princess Cruises

The sun is finally out, summer is on our doorstep and the first cruise ship The Sea Princess is due on our shores in less than 10 days.

As we often say, great ideas flow in and out of Ports and the start of cruise ship season is a great time to think about a few new steps to spring clean your business.

Last year there were 62,544 passengers through the Fremantle Passenger Terminal (comprising 17,435 transit passengers; 22,408 disembarking and 22,701 embarking). The transit passengers are the visitors to our shores, those who are usually off the ship for the day then getting back on to continue their cruise. They represent an important market to show our City’s best and freshest side. The season’s schedule of arrivals is listed on the Fremantle Ports website – Shipping Movements.

For our retail and hospitality businesses, this opportunity presents a trigger to think through what in their business is uniquely Fremantle that our visitors may like to try and sample. What a great chance to increase the profile and make these unique products and experiences highly visible on the days our visitors come through!  See our Chamber Weekly Tips and Tricks for maximizing the Cruise and Festive season below.

Our Set the Month in Motion podcast is another great way to start thinking about new directions – Episode 6 is now live and by all reports one of our most motivating to date – we thoroughly recommend pulling up a chair with a spring WA wine and listen here for some great ideas on Getting Product to Market .

The Fremantle Prison is the lucky recipient of the sum total of the State’s Heritage Grants this year and, as a result the team are in the midst of planning their much needed new master plan and works. Their draft 2019-2029 Master Plan is now open for consultation til 3 November. We encourage you to share your voice on this important contribution to Fremantle and Western Australia’s tourism, culture, arts, heritage and education industries,

It seems Fishing Boat Harbour is also due for a fresh look as the Department of Tranport (Maritime) gathered stakeholders to review the current Local Planning Policy Review Workshop – a fascinating look at a historic part of our local industry base and what it can be into the future.  This work compliments new Chamber Member’s Blue HQ’s 38 Mews Road Consultation looking at the opportunity and potential of the boat lifting sites at the Harbour. We are working with both these organisations to ensure the balance between a working marine, fishing and recreational harbour is maintained into the future. If you have any views on the future of fishing boat harbour please don’t hesitate to email me at ceo@fremantlechamber.com.au.

Finally, I encourage you all to invite your clients and colleagues and join in the conversation at our annual state wide Leaders Lunch on next Friday 18th October.  Our esteemed panel will be sharing their vision and perspectives on Fremantle and the diversity of our local economy. It will be a great time to catch up on projects that could impact your business, reflect on some new ideas or meet some new contacts.

Image: FCC Amateur Photographic Competition