Tell the Committee that meets inside your head, that you are the bossAnnon

Who would have predicted half way through Thursday we would be cancelling Anzac Day and preparing for a week of zoom meetings and masks at work again? Our thoughts go out to all of our businesses, particularly those in the hospitality sector, retail and attractions who were gearing up for a sunny long weekend’s trade only to be cut short. I don’t even want to think about the fresh seafood, produce and food preparation that went to waste at such short notice on Friday.

Managing this loss of stock, wages and other logistics is just one part of the heartbreaking process that these COVID times bring. I know we are so lucky to be living in this sunlight and spacious corner of the world, but the impacts on these businesses remains considerable and wherever we can please make sure you find a way to keep buying local, and take-away whenever you can when lockdown hits.

I know many of our members, and stakeholders, are not familiar with the hard work our three Chamber Committees do to lead the charge in achieving our strategic priorities. So, I have included a brief summary below of some of the activities going on in our Committee room over the last month or so. It is pleasing to see some significant traction in our Development & Infrastructure Committee, our Tourism Committee and our Small Business & Retail Committee’s priority areas. I thank these member representatives for their time and effort to attend each month and follow through on the action items and commitments made. We couldn’t do what we do without your efforts.

The Chamber has three active committees, each chaired by a member of our Board. A short summary of some of the work completed over the last quarter in our Committees is listed below. Please don’t hesitate to contact Michelle in our office or the Committee Chair for more information.

Development & Infrastructure Committee (chaired by Franco Andreone – Fremantle Ports)

D&I is our lead Chamber Committee and looks at development and infrastructure issues affecting Fremantle. The committee includes representatives from the Property Development, Architecture, Design, Finance, Education, Engineering and Creative Industry sectors.

At the last Committee meeting, we were pleased to host guest speakers Paul Garbett, Director Strategic Planning and Projects and Phillida Rodic Manager Strategic Planning City of Fremantle, to discuss the current changes and review processes relating to the City’s Community Development Plan, Planning Scheme and related policies. Of crucial importance to the Committee is finding ways to gain more flexibility in mixed use development and retail definitions to shift a focus to permeable facades that allow for more street level activation (and not empty shop fronts).

Other focus conversations in recent months have included input into the CAT bus review (which has seen services re-instated and a greater focus on assessing usage and routes), the proposed Fremantle Traffic Bridge and master planning for Fishing Boat Harbour. We are also working with Super Yachts Australia to look at berthing options for this important industry into the future.

Today we released the final summary of our Creative Industries Think Tank 2021. We are also achieving traction around our Southern Transport Infrastructure advocacy work, with the South West Group picking up the advocacy baton for this project this week.

Tourism Committee (Chaired by Natasha Atkinson – Fremantle Markets)

It was great to see over 10,000 tickets sold (equating to over 20,000 visitors) to Fremantle through the City of Fremantle’s FUNMANTLE campaign over the school holidays. Our Tourism Committee has been instrumental in demonstrating the value of our attraction businesses working together with the City of Fremantle’s Economic Development Team to bring interactive trails that engage and excite our local visitors. The focus for this Committee is now on the next round of school holidays and also finding some creative ways to get visitors walking through our City year around – last meeting saw some brainstorming around Vintage Car Sundays – if you know any great clubs get in touch now!

We have also worked hard to pitch for a better Visitors Centre experience for Fremantle, launched the Fremantle from the Inside Tours and are about to launch one of our most exciting projects to date – the
#doingbusinesseventsinperth campaign, supported by Business Events Perth’s Member Content Creation Partnership. This campaign will bring to business event organisers a showcase of Fremantle’s incredible and diverse conference, accommodation and business events capability – seen through the eyes of those who know Fremantle best!

This Committee of Fremantle attractions and hospitality venues are also putting their hands in the ring to support the WAFL Grand Final bid.

Small Business & Retail Committee (Chaired by Lee Bartlett – TAMS & FRANKIES ON ROTTO)

Our Small Business & Retail Committee are working hard to win the Chamber’s most productive committee award (not sure we actually have a prize for that however regardless they have definitely had some wins this month with the introduction of our first
Local Procurement Day and some progress in finding creative ways to try to help our businesses in
Managing Aggression & Anti-Social Behaviour through a new Training initiative. This Committee is also the creative team behind the inspiration for the #freofinds window activation project and the topics we discuss at each month’s Set the Month in Motion podcast forums.