When trust is high, the dividend you receive is like a performance multiplier, elevating and improving every dimension of your organization and your life…. In a company, high trust materially improves communication, collaboration, execution, innovation, strategy, engagement, partnering, and relationships with all stakeholders”. Stephen Covey

It has been a big week for discussions around trust, collaboration and stakeholder engagement.

Although we intuitively know our businesses cannot operate in isolation, it is easy to keep our focus inside our doors and our organisations. Often we look inside and say why did I get this or why is my business not performing as well as I would like – more often than not however it those businesses that are constantly looking outside their doors and understanding how to leverage relationships, partnerships and build long term connections with stakeholders that consciously align with their vision that move forward much more quickly than those who sit and wait for people to walk through the door.

Understanding how partnerships and relationships can help your business is grow is even more pronounced in a regional community like Fremantle.

For nearly two decade prior to joining the Chamber, I had the privilege of advising companies across Australia on social performance and stakeholder engagement to get projects off the ground, build reputation and social capital – often in industries like resources where trust was notably absent. One thing I learnt throughout this process is that the most successful businesses integrate stakeholder relationships into their vision from day one, they understand how to profile those who impact their business most and how to build grass roots relationships that generate revenue and bank support for times when these relationships are essential for survival – be it media, government, advocacy groups, suppliers, industry associations or even just your own community networks. These relationships don’t just happen –they require strategy, thought and ongoing attention.

We had one our most engaging and insightful conversations to date around this at our Set the Month in Motion Podcast forum on Wednesday. It was great to see members back in the room for networking, croissants and learning. Our panel was so strong and all incredible leaders in their field. The conversation is well worth a listen via the link below.

I loved Michael from Fremantle Tours principle value when he says their focus is always on “making the pie bigger rather than fighting over the crumbs”. Blending this open attitude to opportunity with Claire from Detail’s ideas around being courageous enough to embark on audacious goals rather than thinking small are the essence to taking those important stakeholders on a journey with you.

The launch of the new THIS IS FREMANTLE website today and the Holiday Planner by the City of Fremantle’s Destination Marketing Group and Economic Development team is built on this principle around how we work together to sell a destination so all businesses in the region benefit. I encourage all members to get on board and be an active part of this site’s rollout and create profiles for your business that reflect those strong values of sea, spirit and soul.

On spirit, sea and soul our next two business after hours events are very sea and soul focussed, book now to join us at Fremantle Sailing Club on the 25th and dockside at the Leeuwin II Ocean Sailing Adventure on Tuesday 14th.

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