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Supplying the very best of Australian and imported European-inspired gourmet products, European Foods Marketplace O’Connor inspires and excites both professional and home chefs with unique ingredients. And much to the delight of cheese lovers everywhere, Marketplace O’Connor is home to the second Cheese Cathedral- Australia’s LARGEST walk-in cheese display.

Our O’Connor store ensures that the surrounding food service industry have more choice and convenience than ever. Food service customers benefit from trade discounts, enabling more efficiency and flexibility in menus and offers to their customers.

For the public, membership is offered – and can be accessed in store.

Marketplace O’Connor is also the home of Fremantle Coffee Roasters, where coffee aficionados can taste the various blends available in the range, for both businesses and home use.

With flavours, trends and innovation celebrated in-store with product and brand tastings, you can join us on our social media channels for the latest information.

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