FremantleMind Inc. Community Mental Health and Wellbeing Services
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3 Beach Street , Fremantle, Western Australia 6160
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MyLocalMind Inc. and Fremantle-based FremantleMind Inc. are grass roots community wellbeing initiatives, nationally registered mental health promotion charities, and Western Australian licenced charities. We aim to improve mental health in a community setting by filling gaps in the existing community mental health system.

Community Services

We offer free and evidence-based community mental health and wellbeing services that are staffed by registered mental health professionals. Register via:

Workplace Training

Our organisation is nuanced in our service delivery and offer a collective knowledge base across diverse professional training, experience, and expertise. It is by drawing on this knowledge base that we have the capacity to develop and deliver events, workshops, seminars, or recorded content to meet your organisation’s needs. Engaging MyLocalMind Inc. services for your organisation directly contributes to the mental health and wellbeing of the local community. All profits from delivering fee-for-service training are used to sustain our community education, seminars, activities, and events, so while you are supporting your employees, we are supporting the broader communities in which they live. Find out more:

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