Quash Soundproofing
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20B Kembla Way , Willetton, WA 6155
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Our Quash Story:

Our story began in 2008 when Nigel Reid developed a passion for the acoustical facet of the construction industry when he offered soundproofing and noise reduction solutions to his building clients.

In 2009, Quash soundproofing was established, a locally owned and operated company.  Since then, Nigel and his team have had the privilege of dealing with exceptional clients and exciting projects across WA.

Our Mission:

Our mission: to Quash the noise and restore peace in residential, commercial, and industrial settings by providing solutions that blend in with its surroundings.

At Quash we aim to understand our client’s problems in depth, visualise them, and then create customised soundproofing solutions that work in even the most unique settings.

Our Solutions:

At Quash, we take pride in our ability to successfully and affordably pursue the most complex soundproofing and noise reduction projects that no one in our industry will touch.

Our customised solutions have been praised by our clients who continuously come back for more.

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