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About Amanda

Amanda Slinger is a body clock & sleep optimisation coach who helps individuals and organisations achieve sustainable success.

Her signature approach shows clients how to boost their performance by understanding their circadian and ultradian cycles, recharge through the super powers of sleep, and create time and space to switch off.

Amanda has 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, founded 3 companies which she simultaneously runs today alongside raising her family and living a life of adventure.

She is certified in cognitive behavioural therapy (sleep); holds a BSc(Nursing); GradDipOHS; is a qualified Systems Auditor; and a Graduate, of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Her success strategies are delivered across guest speaking invitations, organisational development, and private coaching.


Coaching 1:1

The Aligned Body Clock Experience: A powerful 4-week coaching program for leaders who are ready to reshape the way they enjoy their success in the world.

  • Discover the most overlooked success strategy of leaders today that strengthens cognitive abilities, insight and courage.
  • Align what you do and when you do it with your circadian & ultradian rhythms.
  • Learn to turn your mind off for a 5-minute unplug in your day or at 3am in the morning (& never again worry about counting sheep).
  • Maintain your performance and emotional stability, even after a poor sleep (or when changing time zones).

Organisational development

In person workshops

In-person workshops Sleep Well, Lead Well: a 2 hour workshop exploring the proven link between quality sleep & effective leadership and the practical strategies available for organisations to support their teams.


Sleep For Success: a 20 minute module for everyone in your organisation to optimise sleep for enhanced performance, health and emotional wellbeing at work and at home.

Guest speaking

  • Sleep well, lead well: the next brave step for corporate leaders.
  • Sustainable success: why sleep matters.
  • Work Creep: what leadership teams need to know before its too late.
  • The leadership Dilemma: why your team is kicking goals, but no-one is smiling.

Members receive 20% discount on private coaching.

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