“Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to do so wisely Franklin D Roosevelt

As most of you are aware, the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce is the region’s largest and most proactive voice for business in our region, established in 1873 to promote economic growth and represent the interests of “shippers, merchants and traders” across Fremantle.

We have a membership base of over 320 organisations – large and small – that employ some 5,000 individuals in the region – and we facilitate four industry sector committees of our members (Development & Infrastructure, Marine & Engineering, Tourism, and Small Business & Retail).

Over the last few years, we have worked effectively alongside our stakeholders to influence significant change in our region. It is our desire that this work continue positively into the future. In particular, we have advocated for the increasing diversity of our industry base, improved transport and connectors in and out of our region, considered and integrated marine infrastructure and planning, better utilisation and activation of our historic built environment, promoting our unique competitive advantage, improving anti-social behaviour within the Town centre and promoting an increased focus on development to support the attraction of residents and workers into the region.

We have had a number of queries from our members about the upcoming local elections and learning more about individual candidate positions on these issues. Last week, we sent a request to each of our local government candidates to reply with a brief paragraph on their policy positions.

The questions we put to each candidate were:

Q. What do you believe is Fremantle’s economic competitive advantage?
Q. What is your position on development for the future of Fremantle?
Q. What industries do you see will make up the future of Fremantle?

A number of candidates responded with considered replies and we are grateful for their time and insight.

These replies are attached verbatim to the document you can access via the link here. I encourage you to read these responses in detail before placing your vote.

This is an important local election that will see a change in leadership no matter the outcome. We will be hosting along with partners The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle Shipping News, The Fremantle Network and Oxfam a Mayoral Debate THIS EVENING were we will have the opportunity to explore the answers to these questions and more in the debate. There are details on the event below and I hope to see you there.