Innovation comes in all forms – large and small – and Fremantle it seems is well ahead on the innovation bell curve.

From a day light savings prank at our local City Council through to the celebration of the innovation of our Port’s 50 years of the official opening of Australia’s very first container terminal examples abound. In fact we only have to even consider the true engineering marvel that is the heart of our community, by that enigma of CY O’Connor.

Encounter Bay was the first international container ship welcomed into an Australian Port, and it happened here on our doorsteps exactly 50 years ago.

Interestingly this week also marks the release of an innovative report from the Committee for Perth, entitled “what they thought would kill us” learnings and recommendations. It examines some of our most recent and controversial development projects and provides 10 recommendations for the future.

These include a long term strategic focus relevant to the region, recognizing projects naturally attract controversy when they are close to the coast/foreshore, have links to heritage (Indigenous or European), are in established residential or commercial precincts and existing concern exists regarding government decision making, early engagement is essential to a positive outcome, along with best practice project management, procurement, cost benefit analysis and a strong and clear mandate for landmark public projects. These recommendations provide some great lessons for Fremantle to continue to innovate, be brave, adapt to a changing market and make the most of the investment opportunities currently being presented.

It also seems perfect time to consider this study in a week that we have had the announcements of funding for new Fremantle bridge, the new Fremantle Sports and Community Centre and to watch the recent progress of Kings Square’s FOMO. Let’s hope these projects will bring new innovation and growth to the City.

On innovation, please do nominate innovative businesses doing great things for Fremantle, or let us know of your own innovations, by being part of the Fremantle Business Awards 2019. Entries close at the end of the month.