Dwelling diversity seems to be a hot topic gaining traction at State level, with a recent push from the Property Council WA resulting in a 75% stamp duty rebate scheme for the off-the-plan apartments and buyers and developers showing a keen interest in delivering more density.

I noted in a previous CEO Update that we need to think of ourselves as an unashamedly urban centre to continue to attract the creative industries and population we need to support our local economy – medium to high density living is part of this story.

Our local property developers are ahead of the curve and we have a number of innovative developments that fit not only the gap in the “missing middle” but offer a social and environmentally sound alternative, including Fremantle Business Awards 2019 Winners Circle recipients LIV Apartments, as well as Little LaneNightingalethe Social on Henry and Knustford.

Here at the Chamber, we are initiating talks with Australian Defence, local marine industries and the Kwinana Industry Council to continue to promote Fremantle as the centre of choice for their workers to live and play. This will require better transport routes linking Fremantle to the Southern and Eastern Corridors and it is a Great Fremantle Action Plan 2020 project that needs strong lobbying at a State and Federal level.

I was so pleased to talk with Emma Davison, General Manager, Fremantle Octopus this week about her decision to choose inner city living in Fremantle. The access to transport, a great lifestyle, an active community and close proximity to work has seen Emma and her family embrace apartment living, to the point that life without need for a car has become a very real possibility.

Emma said that the decision at first was very daunting moving from a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 2 storey home in the suburbs however she has not regretted the decision one bit and that Fremantle’s varied events suited people at all stages of life. Emma has two teenage children who love being able to walk 100 meters down the road and meet up with their friend’s for food, watch a movie or go hang out at the beach.

Fremantle Octopus Group is a fully integrated fishing, processing and distribution company dedicated to Octopus. They are the largest licence holder in The Western Australian Octopus Fishery which formally received their sustainable fisheries MSC certification yesterday from The Hon. Dave Kelly, Minister for Fisheries. This fishery is the second octopus fishery in the world to achieve this. We look forward to watching the company grow further into new markets domestically and internationally.

This outstanding local business is one of the first fisheries to also receive their MSC chain of custody allowing them to put the blue tick of approval on their product. We are so proud to help them with their Certificates of Origin and other export documents here at the Chamber – it is also so pleasing to see incredible professionals like Emma choosing to live in the heart of Fremantle

Freo Start Up Fest is another great opportunity to showcase the incredible diversity and talent of businesses in Fremantle and surrounds. Kicking off on Thursday, 5 December, it will be great to hear the Pitch Fest ideas and the exploration of the Blue Economy as a way to capitalise on our natural advantages here in our Port city.

Members, it is so important we work together to promote the positive benefits of doing business, and living in Fremantle. I encourage you to take the time to explore what Fremantle looks like from the Inside. Promote it to your staff, your families and your clients to join us on one of our FREE tours on Sunday, 1 December.

Supported by the City of Fremantle. WA Maritime Museum and Fremantle Tours, this will be a local famil tour with a difference – find new places to refer your customers, share the love and learn about the nooks and crannies that give this rakish community its spirit and soul.

While you are there don’t forget to book into our December Set the Month in Motion Forum – Closing the Sale, and our Chamber Christmas Party – definitely another great way to celebrate working and living down this neck of the woods.

Image: DHA Liv Apartments