Fremantle offers such unique experiences built on connections, sea, creativity and our heritage soul, but we also offer a great community with which to do business.

One of our key priorities for the year ahead is how we generate local business pride in our business community, what we have to offer as a destination, ensure local content is a key component of City tendering and other government stakeholders based in our Port city and finding interesting ways to share the stories of doing business in Fremantle.

On Sunday 1 December we launched our first round of Fremantle From the Inside initiative with tours of our city for locals and our Experience Fremantle map, in partnership with Hello Perth, the City of FremantleFremantle Tours and WA Maritime Museum. The sun was shining all day, and it was great to see local leaders step out of their own business to learn more about their neighbours and how we all contribute to Fremantle as a destination.

great article by Kris Nolan from Urbis featured in The West Australian this week on the need to also get young people out and about to make Fremantle and places more vibrant. The youth tour on Sunday provided a particularly great way to see the City through fresh young eyes. If you have young people at home over the Xmas break – get them out and about and visiting some of the youth endorsed spaces and places from South Beach to Mills Records to the Op Shops to Fremantle Arts Centre – some great tips. We have copies of the youth endorsed map at the Chamber so just shout if you are looking for one.

This week started on Monday evening as we gathered for a workshop to help set priorities for the Water Corporation’s 2020 Pipes for Fremantle. A big thanks to the Water Corporation for taking time to continue to hear the views of local business and to continue to work to mitigate any impacts.

Our live Set the Month in Motion Podcast Forum on closing the sale yesterday was bursting at seams as such a diverse range of our business community gathered to hear three incredible panelists share their journeys of success. There were so many nuggets of wise and considered thoughts on how to develop the right mindset, building trust and connections and working with disclipline and a clear goal in mind. It will be live on the podcast by Tuesday – tune in for one very engaging hour of conversation and learning at your favourite podcast stations – AppleGoogle or Spotify.

We will finish the week by participating in the incredibly important awareness raising project 16 Days in WA End Violence Against Women Campaign. I will be speaking along with a number of high-profile women at the Shipwrecks Museum on Cliff St tomorrow morning.  I hope you can join me.

Finally it would be remiss of me to not mention our fishing community in the lead up to this festive season, our export desk is incredibly busy getting trade documents stamped to ensure a smooth process for a hundreds of local seafood and lobster exporters. We wish them all a fanastic and productive season.

If you are getting export ready, please know our Export team are so willing to answer any questions at all to help make sure your documents are in order and products get through international ports or airports in a timely and efficient manner.

As we start to close out the year, I am really positive that the strong platform we have now created will enable us to exceed the targets set by our Strategic Plan and that this time next year we will be looking at a very different Fremantle – complete with an AC/DC legend tribute, the Clippers Round the World Race return to Fremantle, apartments galore and Kings Square alive with a new community of local workers at the Department of Communities and Transport.

We welcome both these organisations as members of the Chamber this month, along with 10 other new businesses. We look forward to getting to know each other a little bit better, joining the dots on how we do better business and make a difference for our economy.

Finally thank you to the Republic of Fremantle for hosting us tonight at our 2019 Chamber Christmas party – a wonderful new venue and we can’t wait to get a sneak peak and join up as citizens of this great initiative.

Image: Peter Zuvela Photography