“Success is a Process not an Event  ” Richie Norton, Author

When we are locked in our State many families are embarking on more road trips than they have probably ever embarked on around WA. Second week into school holidays and our region is alive with visitors, but also strangely quiet with so many locals out and about driving, or flying, around WA.

There is nothing quite like a family squashed in a car for hours and hours on end and the familiar cry of “Are we there yet?” to remind us that it isn’t always the process that fulfills us.

I’m a big fan of a milestone, or an event, that marks a moment in time that we can cross a win off the list and celebrate it. I guess I never grew out of asking “are we there yet?”, particularly on long projects, or career journeys, that at times felt like a family of five squashed in a car driving to a place that is meant to feel like a holiday.

I acknowledge the wise words in Richie Norton’s quote above, or a variety of other authors’ takes on a similar theme, that success is definitely defined by the process not the destination, and the rear view mirror can certainly highlight just how far one has come more so than the end, if indeed the end has ever arrived at all, or ever will. However I also know I will always be someone who looks to stop, celebrate the wins and have a moment to say thank goodness we all made it and have a chat about how we got there.

There is a lot to look forward to over the next quarter and lots of celebrations of the wins to get behind and get involved with. Our member survey shows those members who get the most out of the Chamber are those who put the effort into getting involved. It does definitely take effort to get to events after work or over breakfast, to take time to get to know new people and to work the extra hours it takes to give back to the community, however I promise it is always worth the effort when you get there.

We have some great events coming up from hearing from a few of our 2021 Winner’s Circle on their own journey to success, our Chamber 148th AGM (marking 148 years of supporting business in the region is definitely worth celebrating),  our family Halloween Chamber of Horrors event, and our Summer Sunset Business After Hours Event at Fremantle Sailing Club.

Logon now to register for an event to be there in person to celebrate your hardwork, and the journeys of our amazing business community. It might also be worth celebrating that the kids will be back at school and we can actually get back to getting some work done without the juggle of occupying them.

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