“What you do has far greater impact than what you say” Stephen Covey

Our Set the Month in Motion Podcast Forum set the tone today for asking ourselves facing change or a need for a new direction some great questions , especially WHY WAIT? It doesn’t have to be perfect before we start, spend time to get your house in order and then build what you have slowly and surely in the right direction, without neglecting it.

Here at the Chamber, there has been a lot of focus on change, getting the house in order and moving forward without neglect – especially of our majestic Chamber building and its well over due need for repair. Today we formally push the green light on the 2019 AGM resolution from members to enter a small loan to allow the building works and repairs to proceed to at least ensure she keeps standing for another 150 years.

It was great to finally see the City of Fremantle also put money on the table to look at restoring Arthurs Head and removing the scaffolding once and for all. This landmark is a critical part of our State history and story, it also provides an intriguing connection between Victoria Quay, the West End and Bathers Beach. We have high hopes that the State will also come to the party to recognise this as an asset for the State.

Both of these impressive heritage parts of Fremantle have been long neglected and we hope that this week is a fresh start to bring some life, funds and energy back into these spaces.

The Board appointed new Trustee Mr Robert Shields a long-standing member of the Fremantle Chamber, Past President and current member of our Development and Infrastructure Committee this week, and farewelled retired Trustees Doug Kerr and John Longley who have served the Chamber for multiple decades. We will formally farewell Doug and John at our next AGM but their role in preserving and building a solid foundation for our organisation is top of my mind this week.

We welcomed a number of new members this month who are committed to keep our houses and our lives in order – Plantech (featured in the member spotlight below), Natural Storage Co., The Upholsterer Perth, Incredible Group, Seashells Fremantle, To the Islands, Terra Rosa Consulting, Limitless Edition Co and The Sustainable Community Club.

I would recommend heading over to our new Chamber website at www.fremantlechamber.com.au and checking them out on our new member directory page. A big thank you to those members who have already uploaded their pages on the Directory – they are looking fantastic.

This week has also involved some interesting conversations with Fremantle Ports Inner Harbour Working Group on their response to not just COVID-19 ships in Port but also their disappointment over the actions of one of their employees and the subsequent police investigation.

Rumours are also starting to circulate around what the new entry statement and traffic bridge from our community heartland in North Fremantle into Fremantle is shaping up to be. We have been informed by Main Roads that consultation will begin in earnest on this project from the end of the month. We have requested ongoing involvement and participation to represent the Fremantle business perspective on this crucial issue for our City.

On traffic and diggers, I look forward to seeing lots of young enthusiastic faces following the ‘Build Your Own Toy Adventure Trail’, diggers and other activities around Fremantle from next week. I thoroughly recommend setting a trail for your kids no matter what their age to keep them, and you, out of trouble these school holidays.

Our activation project ideas remain on the City’s Economic Recovery Working Group Agenda. It is wonderful to see these ideas arise in our Committees and be given life by the City in a bid to make a difference and bring stronger economic return locally.

Enjoy the break with your families if you are heading away to explore the State these holidays, and for those who are staycationing do add a tour of Fremantle to your holiday plans. We’d love to hear your feedback.


Image Credit: Peter Zuvela