If you really think that the environment is less important than the economy, try holding your breath while you count your money” Guy McPherson Scientist

We are operating in a time where regulators, shareholders, consumers, competitors, and other stakeholders are placing more and more pressure on business to act in an environmentally aware and a sustainable fashion, to reduce their carbon footprint and to make a difference along with making a profit.

It is an important principle that most business leaders acknowledge, however the landscape in which to make these changes is complex and uncertain. I thoroughly enjoyed the perspectives of our panel at our Set the Month in Motion Learning forum around the bundle of ideas I am calling making change, water, waste, plastic and nature.

This topic has been one our small business and retail committee have requested be put on the agenda for Set the Month in Motion for sometime, and Plastic Free July seemed the perfect moment to stop pause and have this conversation. It is well worth a listen here.

Here at the Chamber, we were so inspired to spend some time greening our very “ungreen” carpark and have called in the Chamber’s ground maintenance experts Plantecto give us a hand.

On sustainability, one of our most sustainable, yet precariously impacted, local venues is the beautiful COAST in North Fremantle. If you haven’t already registered for our wonderful winter warmers event at Coast in a fortnight do so now, we will be continuing the green conversation to look at coastal erosion, and how a venue can work to create sustainable outcomes for festivals and events.

REGISTER TO ATTEND on Thursday 21st July on the website here. It can be a final hurray to your Plastic Free July efforts as we watch a wintery sunset over the ocean. If last night’s sunset was anything to go by it will be amazing.

In other news this week, we had a presentation at our Development and Infrastructure Committee this morning on the progress of a combined group of 20 Local Government Authorities who are driving a push for a comprehensive mid tier transport strategy for our urban realm in WA. This strategy is so crucial for our future as both a driver of density and development, but more importantly to drive sustainable connections to employment and places of interest.  We can’t just keep adding lanes to our roads, and this strategy incorporates our push for rail down the Southern Corridor to link our harbours and our communities easily back into Fremantle.

Lets stop talking roads and parking, and start talking smart transport alternatives (with some solid green canopies along the way!).


Read more in the Chamber Weekly here.