I simply want to wish each one of you – our members and our stakeholders – the most happiest of holidays.

Lets close out a year where we have come together as a business community, at a time of uncertainty and change with some simple pleasures and joy.

Last year we celebrated the cusp of renewal and growth that was about to start to come to fruition, and then it felt like we had to stop just as we got started. Despite that start stop feeling in April, things pressed on, and we have a lot to celebrate this year. We are finally seeing dividends of the unprecedented investment and renewal underway in Fremantle.

I feel our role as a Chamber is to actively connect, unite and assist in the growth of a successful and vibrant business community that builds on Fremantle’s unique advantage, its heritage and its maritime focus. I feel this is now truly evident in the atmosphere and support of our members, our Committees and our team.

We have some exciting initiatives to announce early in the new year that will hopefully continue to help our businesses to grow.

We will be open for our exporters across the Christmas break but will definitely be finding some time to take a swim in our incredible ocean, lounge at Bathers Beach, eat some great food and dine in some of our great local venues.

For those of you who haven’t done your Christmas shopping as yet, don’t forget the incredible offers and local businesses that we have on our doorsteps to get you effortlessly through this crazy time of year.

Today, as we wind down for the Christmas break, we have highlighted a few of offers from our accomodation providers for our own staycation, or to put up relatives who may have worn out their welcome in your previously quiet homes so you can enjoy their company all the more from a distance.

Tis definitely the time to appreciate what we have around us, take a big breathe as we celebrate getting through the year like no other and refocus to be prepared for whatever 2021 will bring.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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