“The greatest advances occur when governance is truly shared” – Henry Rosovsky Harvard University

Our Chamber Committees have been very busy over the last couple of weeks developing the Chamber Position on a number of issues that are likely to affect business in our community.

The combination of COVID-19 risks, the State Government’s release of a preferred option to move the container port out of its home here in Fremantle, the start of the consultation of the Main Road’s bridge proposal, progress on the development of a new visitors centre and a new heritage development policy for the West End are complex issues that require thought to get the balance right.

There is definitely a lot of movement at the Fremantle station, so to speak and we need to hear your voices on these issues.

Our Chamber was formed by our forefathers to create a concerted voice, a sense of community amongst our business leaders and to push for economic development within our region. Given they first met in a local pub in 1873 I am quite sure developing networks over a few drinks was also 100% on the agenda and how they often did business between each other. However it is important to remember that the Chamber is only as strong as the industry members we represent and the clarity of our voice in the issues that matter locally.

This month in addition to discussion at our usual committees, we have set a number of small sub committees to gather, represent the views of our members and help our Chamber Officers collate a position on the following projects currently out for consultation. If you have thoughts that you would like to see be included in the various Committees’ considerations please review and forward a short email on your thoughts by the end of next week.

  • Swan River Crossing– new Fremantle Bridge – Main Roads have opted for a web based consultation program rather than direct briefings. We are still requesting a presentation to our Development and Infrastructure Committee but in the meantime will be developing a Chamber position to feedback as part of the formal consultation process. There is more information at the link below and again we welcome your feedback as a Chamber stakeholder to membership@fremantlechamber.com.au, https://www.mysaytransport.wa.gov.au/swan-river-crossings
  • Chamber members Megara development have also released a DA for a significant new development at McCabe Street North Fremantle. This is quite a significant development in the furthest northern corner of Fremantle and worth a look at the $60m development proposed which has been supported by robust stakeholder engagement and place planning. https://mysay.fremantle.wa.gov.au/da-19mccabestreet

We also welcome feedback on the work of our Tourism Committee perspectives on the application of the Tourism WA “our story” planning framework and narrative TourismCommitteeAdventureAwaitsPerspectives v2. This workshop summary has been positively received by Tourism WA as they work to develop industry perspectives using a common framework around all areas of Western Australia to help drive their campaigns over the next little while. They are working with the City of Fremantle’s Destination Marketing Working Group and the Chamber’s Tourism Committee to develop a stand-alone position for Fremantle which will be a huge win for our Tourism operators, experience providers and region to avoid being lost in a metropolitan Perth focus at a state level.

We also launch this month a new Chamber initiative that fits into our explore Fremantle From the Inside Project. We will be sharing a #doingbusinessinFremantle badge for each of our members windows to highlight your business as a port of call for other members, and also to show you as a member that gives back to the community it which it operates. The amazing local photographer Georgina Barker (author of the Corona-Diaries) will be capturing the stories of why 5 diverse members do business in Fremantle to share across our social platforms each month. Keep your eyes peeled and make sure where you can you like and support these businesses.

Across the board it is definitely a poignant time to celebrate the diversity of our industry base. We encourage all of our members, and local businesses, to put their hat in the ring for this year’s Fremantle Business Awards 2020. Business News have committed to sponsor the awards this week and the opportunity for exposure of your business through the awards process is significant. Help us share the word on the diversity and talent we have within the region and our historic streets. NOMINATE NOW!

We hope in all of this, we continue to push for better conversations, better connections and better outcomes for our members and our businesses.