“Success is Best, When It’s Shared”  Howard Schultz, Founder Starbucks

It is so easy to remain possessive of our ideas, our plans and our business models. After all they are often our competitive advantage, our path to success and our sense of pride in who we are. I was reminded this week though by someone wise that so very few ideas are truly unique.

Over the centuries our ways of designing, doing business and marketing ourselves and the companies we work, has shifted as our external context shifts,  trends do come and go, and definitely some do things better and radically differently from others, however if we dig deep most of these ideas find their inspiration source from somewhere.

The challenge in business is to get your ideas heard, your products to market efficiently and to develop and sustain a good reputation. It is also crucial that you remain observant to the external environment and shift nimbly to always deliver and be relied upon no matter what the circumstances.

In most cases this relates more to the relationships you build, the people you surround yourselves with, how you communicate your ideas and the way you manage to stay strong in challenging times, than it does to the idea itself.

This week we have seen a number of long term collaborations shine and we celebrate those businesses securing local talent and working together with other Chamber members to deliver world class projects.

We also deep dived into the supply chain challenges, which according to our panel require every bit of flexibility we can find, strong relationships to work together across the globe and the willingness to be nimble. I sincerely thank our panel for sharing their thoughts and expertise so we can all learn from it. You can listen to this incredibly relevant podcast online at our Set the Month in Motion station here or at any podcast station.

Happy Mothers Day to all the mums, want to be mums, carers and guardians out there. We hope you have a lovely day on Sunday, and find some inspiration in our Chamber member gift guide below.


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