“Status Quo – is Latin for – The Mess We’re In!”.

Ronald Reagan – 40th President United States.

And a fine mess we are in too. If ever there was a celebration of International Women’s Day that was defined by questions, confusion and debate then 2021 was it.

There have been questions of he said she said across the political spectrum, a tidal wave of young men and women facing the challenges of what consent really means in our nation’s schools, and the leaders of the one of the nation’s largest law firms standing on polar opposite sides of the room around their interpretation of the values of who they represent, and the process of how they decide to whom they offer advice.

No easy answers in any of this – we are in a mess, the status quo is being challenged and there is absolutely no clarity on the horizon.

One thing we do know though is power, entitlement and privilege at the macro, and micro level, in our personal lives, our institutions, and our businesses, are silent alluring companions that won’t be given up without a fight.

At a local level as we head into an election this weekend, we note two of our prominent candidates are both Chamber members – both are strong, smart and determined women. We celebrate this and wish all the candidates who step up to lead us the very best of luck. We trust that your election promises for Fremantle will be upheld and delivered post March.

We have had a number of meetings this week on the future of Fremantle and changing the status quo. In particular, the Southern Transport Corridor, lifting the profile of our regional exporters at a State Government level, The Film Studios Proposal, Super Yacht Berths, commercial spaces to attract our marine industries and the Italian Club Redevelopment were in the spotlight during our engagement and advocacy with stakeholders.

The week has been a wild ride (I’m calling it a “schmozzle”!). I do look forward to seeing what changes these significant disruptions will make to the way we do business into the future, and some hope that they will change the way we view women in our workplaces and in our lives.

I have concluded with some thoughts on diversity and our role to create change in the final thoughts below.

On disruptions, I am also not so patiently awaiting with baited breathe for the Transperth train disruptions to draw to some kind of close and the easy movement of people in and out of our Port City to return.

Finally, we have some great new events to add to the diary this week, detailed further down in the Chamber Weekly – including the re-instatement of our success “Fremantle from the Inside Tours”, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Global Market Insights Series, Business After Hours Bowling on the Green next Wednesday and a new Set the Month in Motion on different recruitment pathways.

Read more of the Chamber Weekly here.