“On the 12th Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me….” Anon.

At our Development & Infrastructure Committee meeting this morning, we were talking about the role that connections, networking and community play in getting business done. One of our members commented that the last 12 months have been hard on so many levels.

Even in our small team at the Chamber the last 12 months have brought a lot of loss, grief and challenge outside the warmth of our Chamber office.

It is a very strange time….our supermarket shelves are empty of many staples we take for granted due to supply chain challenges, our borders remain closed preventing many of us from seeing loved ones this festive season and they say “the great resignation” or “great disengagement” is coming at an unprecedented rate in the new year as people re-evaluate their priorities and life. On an upside we are definitely seeing a sense of community, local pride and a greater value placed on those in our lives and in our businesses who are around us, helping share the load a little.

This Chamber Weekly is dedicated those who need a little jingle jangle in their lives – let’s get our lights shining, our festive spirit out there and continue to do great business together.

It’s another bumper edition so would recommend putting the kettle on and grabbing a cuppa before flicking through this week!


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