As jobs become more automated and our economic stability becomes more uncertain, it is becoming clearer that our world will demand more creative thinkers in all sectors.

Experts are calling it the “Collision Economy” where art meets fabrication, where technology and augmented reality meets museum display, and where problem-solving skills become more important than technical expertise.

I encourage you all to invite your clients and colleagues and join in the conversation at our annual state-wide Leaders Lunch on Friday 18th October.  Our esteemed panel will be sharing their vision and perspectives on Fremantle and the diversity of our local economy. It will definitely be a collision of ideas, perspectives and thought leadership.

Across 2019, the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce has advocated for the increasing diversity of our industry base, the building of our unique competitive advantage and increased development to support the attraction of residents and workers to fill our City around the clock and not just on the weekend election.

On behalf of our members, we asked all local candidates for their policy position on the following important questions today. We will be publishing their responses in next week’s Chamber Weekly.

Q. What do you believe is Fremantle’s economic competitive advantage?

Q. Do you support increased development to support the attraction of residents and workers to fill our City around the clock?

Q. What industries do you see will make up the future of Fremantle?

We recommend all members to read through their responses carefully next week and think about the future they want for Fremantle. Do make sure that you show up to vote at the upcoming local elections. There is a lot of work to be done to make Fremantle great and local leaders that understand how development and business can help this play such a significant role to getting this right.

I will be talking about the Chamber’s view on what could make Fremantle better at the next Politics in the Pub – kicking off in the garage section of The Local Hotel at 7pm – all welcome though venue reaches capacity at 100. All local candidates will have 1 minute to share their view.

I also encourage you to attend the focus groups for Blue HQ’s Harbour Connect Consultation to have your say in any changes to our iconic Fishing Boat Harbour.

I will be attending a Department of Transport (Maritime) Local Planning Policy Review Workshop on behalf of our members tomorrow that will also be looking more closely at this historic part of our local industry base.

We are looking beyond our harbour shores and to new markets in our next Set the Month in Motion Forum and Podcast on Wednesday October 2nd. This FREE building capacity seminar, supported by the City of Fremantle, gives us a chance to stop and reflect as we listen to the stories of how others are addressing challenges within their business.  Download our earlier podcasts here.

Understanding how we think through product development to growing our businesses into new markets is such an essential element of success. I am really looking forward to hearing the local success story of Fremantle Octapus and their journey from our oceans to great local restaurants and across to international markets around the globe.

If you have any questions on how you may get a product to an international market, or need help with your Free Trade Agreements or Certificates of Origin documentation, please don’t hesitate to contact our Export Officer. Marian Bull has a couple of decades of hands on experience and is very well respected by the large number of businesses she helps navigate through preparation of these documents. Marian, Julie and Luke are also there to answer any questions on these processes no matter how big or small. Call the team on 9335 2711.

Finally, after such a big week, I look forward to seeing you tonight for our biggest business after hours on record at Freo.Social. Lets keep building our networks across all sectors to continue to do innovative and creative business in Fremantle.