“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships” Michael Jordan

So wonderful to see a full room of over 70 members and guests gather at South Fremantle Football Club last week to watch the boys train, learn more about the history of this historic club and hear from Head Coach on the ways he turns a group of lads into a team of champions.

The Club’s team value “Family First” provided an intriguing talking point and was the topic of the night without a doubt. Listed by Coach Todd Curley as the glue that held his team and club together, he said the boys develop their behaviours accord that they all sign up to but it is “Family First” that overrides everything – family first, work second and football last.

There was much debate on whether this family focused value helped keep a bunch of young lads on the straight and narrow, whether it meant pure loyalty to the club, the fans and the family that supports you or whether it just meant the world’s most flexible workplace where if family called you answered. It is a big question that relates as much to a workplace in terms of a productivity, cohesion and modern-day values, and getting the balance right is something many of our business leaders are grappling with in current times.

Teams are also the focus of our next Set the Month in Motion, scheduled for 2 September 2020. We will be discussing with our exceptional panel line up how we create fairer and more representative workplaces and how we manage culture and diversity in a positive way into the future. With a strong focus on Reconciliation and better inclusion of Aboriginal people in our workplaces, we will cover themes such as better conversations, inclusive spaces, stronger connections and respect for culture and family. Register HERE now.

All this talk of teams brings me to the new component of our “local procurement” and member referrals project. This new Chamber initiative fits into our explore Fremantle From the Inside Project – finding better ways to create strong connections between Fremantle Chamber members so we come together to build a stronger local economy.  We will be sharing a #doingbusinessinFremantle sticker for each of our members windows, and one for your email signatures, this week. These are to highlight your business as a port of call for other members, and also to show you as a member that gives back to the community it which it operates. The amazing local photographer Georgina Barker (author of the Corona-Diaries) will be capturing the stories of why our first 5 cabs off the rank do business in Fremantle to share across our social platforms each month.

Keep your eyes peeled and make sure where you can you like and support these businesses. Their member offers will be up live in our Chamber Directory and we will continue to profile 5 members each month to showcase the diversity of our industry base.

Across the board it is definitely a poignant time to celebrate the diversity of our industry base. We encourage all of our members, and local businesses, to put their hat in the ring for this year’s Fremantle Business Awards 2020. Business News have committed to sponsor the awards this week and the opportunity for exposure of your business through the awards process is significant. Help us share the word on the diversity and talent we have within the region and our historic streets. NOMINATE NOW!

Family first, Fremantle first either way lets keep talking about ways that we can get the balance right for a better place to live and work.