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So this time last week, I ironically pressed send on our Chamber Weekly, and by mid afternoon the Premier was preparing for a press conference that made me feel like we needed to reach for a whole new paint canvas!

However on a re-read  maybe my opening quote did summed up more than I intended in light of the post announcement – see the link here ! (Hopefully I didn’t actually get the date right in my typo the week before – December feels a very very long away!!)

We do still need a plan, and we still need to plan a whole different set of circumstances! The shifting goal posts worry not just me, but also much of our local industry. If the Premier had raised a need to wait for 5-11s to be vaccinated it would have made much more sense to me, and I think most people,  however this shift to a new goal post of third doses, and even then no guarantee, has made many people feel like we might be locked out from the rest of the country and world for a lot longer than we think. Commercially it is obviously tricky e.g. the impacts of isolation/Covid absenteeism vs the current skills shortages are probably both equal in negative impacts on business, and both reflect we need people to do work regardless, business travel is also crucial in our international world to build relationships, learn and connect with each other, and as for human costs grandparents do need to see their grand kids, families need to be able to plan. Hopefully some clarity, and some financial assistance for long suffering tourism operators will be forthcoming by next week.

I gathered with Mr Josh Wilson, MP, Mayor Hannah Fitzhardinge and our own Chamber Member Simone Pirovich Chair of our Small Business and Retail Committee and commercial fit out extraordinaire at European Food’s new outlet Market Place, which is set to open next month. Market Place joins a number of our O’Connor Chamber members including SIDI Construction, Dec the Malls, Fosters Services, Fremantle Octopus, Futari Wagyu, Galati Nominees, Geo Stats, Tarkine and Suneeta Perth Recycles. O’Connor is such a vital part of the Fremantle regional business community and we will be working more as a Chamber to support these members. It is becoming a hub for gourmet food and a strong focus on a need for better export and distribution pathways to get products to market, and an ability to travel interstate and overseas to build relationships and find better ways to share our products, knowledge and expertise within a global marketplace.

Our first business after hours on Tuesday evening was a wonderfully fun, creative and colourful event, kindly sponsored by Frida Sip N Paint. Clearly, our female business leaders were braver than our male counterparts to risk putting paint to canvas in a public forum. Regardless it was a lovely way to connect and start the year off thinking in a fresh and mindful way.

It was also great to hear a few members had taken up the push to use Chamber Members for their new year spruce up. Don’t forget the Chamber Directory is always available to you, and a search of member offers (just tick member offer in the categories) always presents some great ways to do business locally.  See the Directory here, and if your business isn’t on it use this time to upload your details.

How the next few weeks shape up is any bodies guess, but lets keep gathering where we can, supporting each other and finding moments to share our stories.


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