“Intelligence is the ability of a system to adjust appropriately to a changing world” – Christopher Evans, Computer Scientist and Author

Long term Chamber member MG Kailis Group, announced with a heavy heart the passing of the remarkable Patricia Kailis, wife of Michael George Kailis, and co-founder and governing director of MG Kailis Group, a respected medical doctor, researcher, philanthropist, mother and business leader, this week.

Across her remarkable life Patricia Kailis adapted to change and circumstance, and in all aspects made a difference to the world around her. From her decision to study Medicine at Melbourne University in 1958 through to her research into motor neuron disease and muscular dystrophy, introducing predictive testing for Huntington’s Disease, and her extraordinary work at Rocky Bay to her application of medical hygiene principles of epidemiology, which all but wiped out disease in the family’s Exmouth pearl farms, she is a wonderful role model to reflect upon in these times of extraordinary change.

We discussed Kailis Jewellery’s 2019 campaign “inner beauty” at the social media “Set the Month in Motion” Podcast Forum – last November, one of our most popular podcasts to date. The idea of looking below the surface and finding what we can bring to our own business brand identity and to adapt to our challenging times, is an important metaphor. We have been granted time to reflect and consider, whether we wanted it or not, and looking outside the box to draw on our knowledge and make a difference to those around us is such a wonderful part of the legacy that Patricia Kailis leaves.

It is hard to know where to start on what the world might look like come July, so we will need to be ready to adapt to further change – whether that is to start to rebuild our businesses and local economy again, or still be adapting to further challenges brought about by COVID-19.

We launch two important events this week that will be discussing these changes and how they apply to our business. The first is our budgeting event at our online Set the Month in Motion podcast forum, supported by the City of Fremantle’s Business Capacity Building Program, which will run live on Wednesday 6 April. Register Here for Webinar.

The second is the opportunity to still participate in version of our postponed “Export Outlook” breakfast event, Adapting to the times, we can now offer a special webinar on Friday 8 May 2020 with Export Finance Australia’s Chief Economist Cassendra Winzenried on the changing export landscape, the government support packages for exporters and how international markets are looking in this new world. Sponsored by Chamber members Westpac, this Q&A panel discussion with allow for a presentation and direct questions for those participating in the webinar. Participation is limited so email us at events@fremantlechamber.com.au to register your interest to attend.

It is pleasing to see there has been so more great progress in our first 45 day pilot for the Doorstep Dinners trial with further great media coverage and wonderful social media support.

We are so grateful to Fremantle Ports for their support of the “Doorstep Dinners” project to the value of $10,000 and hope that other local business leaders will help us keep this important project alive.

Support local and stay safe until next week.


Kailis Jewellery Image credit: Kailis Jewellery’s Inner Beauty 2019 Campaign