“The Things that Matter Most In Our Lives are not Fantastic or Grand. They are the moments when we connect with each other” – Jack Kornfield

The sun was out on Wednesday, went I sat with the ABC News team outside the freshly scrubbed Bread in Common in the sunshine and reflected on what this weekend will mean for our Hospitality and Retail Sector.

The visual felt a little like the movies, where the symbol of Spring is sunlight, door mats being shaken, and the brooms in action as the Winter fog lifts. Ironically, we are just heading into Winter but the optimism of renewal and fresh starts certainly felt palatable.

We will dust the shackles permanently off our old clunky Chamber website this weekend, and start afresh and anew with technology that will place you, the member in the drivers seat of your subscription and directory page. It will also provide for a greater level of sharing on our advocacy projects and work under the Greater Fremantle Action Plan.

Our mission remains to gather, network, connect and showcase this diversity of sector and to build our advocacy voice for this historic City – and we are enthused by the opportunity to bring you more digital opportunities to do this.

Our work with the City of Fremantle’s Economic Recovery Working Group is progressing. We look forward to seeing some of these ideas take shape over the next few months. The first step from the City in giving flexibility to use of alfresco spaces to assist with social distancing is very much welcome and detailed further in the Chamber Weekly below.

As we open the doors back up, we still have some work to do to ensure our whole City puts on its best show to local visitors this weekend. A big part of that is the growing issue of anti-social behavior resulting from the quiet COVID-19 Streets, gathering of homeless and those in need, and greater community displacement. We will continue to work with the Community Safety Team, local Police and agencies to find creative ways to address these issues that impact so heavily on our local businesses and City attraction.

I was proud to lead a positive conversation around the mental, emotional, physical and business health challenges that COVID-19 brought into our lives as business leaders this week, and we have summarised a number of the key findings in this week’s Chamber Weekly.

The Forbes article quote that opened the Set the Month in Motion is really a key theme of this week’s Chamber Weekly:

“Business is fundamentally about humans interacting with one another, and anywhere you have human interaction, psychology can play a massive role. There are a number of ways psychology appears in business, the most obvious being when influencing and understanding other people and their behaviours, the least obvious, and probably much more important, use is when we understanding yourself”.

Go steady and strong this week as you bring your workforces back into the office, get out finally for a decent drink in a pub and share and connect with those who you maybe haven’t been able to see in person for awhile!

Finally don’t forget to diarise our next Business After Hours events,  it is time to truly celebrate the community where we do business.


Read the rest of the CHAMBER WEEKLY HERE

image credit: Bread in Common