“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected ” Steve Jobs

It struck me as I was listening to some of our 2021 Winner’s Circle share their stories at our live podcast this morning just how important thinking through every step in the supply chain is to creating a truly exceptional business.

Great products are based on exceptional and sustainably sourced ingredients, materials or parts, an efficient supply chain to get these to first base and strong supplier networks and relationships that all come to bat when hurdles are presented.

So many of our local producers and exporters are working so hard to deliver excellence in a market that is surrounded by logistical roadblocks and challenges.

After hearing these stories of the years of dedicated motivation, focus and vision it takes to deliver and grow our exceptional local industries, it is heartbreaking to see the industrial action at the QUBE and Fremantle Port by the Maritime Union creating further blocks in a global supply chain that is already creating havoc in how we get products to market.

Further in this edition of Chamber Weekly we explore a new and exciting product coming to fruition. A finalist in our 2021 Fremantle Business Award City of Fremantle Leadership Category Sustainable Enterprise, Fremantle Seaweed have reached an important milestone with their Aqualease open for public comment.

We also look at property valuations and maintaining the appropriate tax depreciation schedules to maximise your spaces and assets.

Finally, as discussed last week, we have some great events coming up from exploring stakeholder relationships at our next Set the Month in Motion networking and learning forum, our Chamber 148th AGM (marking 148 years of supporting business in the region is definitely worth celebrating),  our family Halloween Chamber of Horrors event, and our Summer Sunset Business After Hours Event at Fremantle Sailing Club.

Logon now to register for an event to be there in person and while you are online pull up a seat to listen to our local talent talk products, supply chains, passion for your business and bringing your people on the journey with you on your favourite podcast station.

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