Success is running a profitable firm that conducts business with honesty and integrity, makes meaningful contributions to the communities it serves and nurtures high-quality, balanced lives for its employees.

As business owners, we must think outside our own doors”.

Hope Wilson – Senior Marketing Specialist, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP as told to Business News Daily. 


The journey to success is a different experience for each business owner, and some pathways are definitely easier than others.

Our Set the Month in Motion Podcast this week provided a lot of food for thought about what the recipe for business success looks like, and Hope’s definition above certainly ticked a lot of the boxes discussed by our panel.

The key ingredients to success that I took away from our discussion with the panel were:

  1. The customer’s script – Jay’s wonderful analogy about knowing their script, get to know what ails and what aids them, and be able to match their script with the right products every time to build long term relationships.
  2. Knowledge – Share your knowledge with your teams so they love the product, and understand the business priorities as much as you do.
  3. Scalable systems – check your systems capacity and capability regularly to help you get your product to your customers easily. Ensure they are robust enough to survive the risks on the horizon – be that online capacity, telephone systems, or delivery processes. Place a priority on providing systems that make the daily life of your employees easier and more productive.
  4. Ideas – formally road test new ideas from your teams that can fit the vision for the business, and your commercial test criteria to help your business keep flying.
  5. Numbers – know your numbers, and know what profitability looks like on a daily, monthly, seasonal and long term basis, and share this with your team.

The link to listen to the full podcast via the link below, or is available on any of your favourite podcast stations under Set the Month in Motion.

This conversation leads well into our next topic – the importance of getting the right people to join your team, which will be the focus of next month’s Set the Month in Motion. Book in now to attend on 31 March.

In other news, our Fremantle Chamber’s export team were successfully accredited via  the international JAS-ANZ audit assessment this week. This is a significant achievement and I am very proud that our team’s attention to detail, knowledge and customer service has been formally recognised.

I look forward to sharing a bubbles to celebrate with the 80 of you lucky enough to have secured a spot at our VIKING event tonight at our 2019 Fremantle Business Award’s Winners the WA Maritime Museum.

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