There is something about the sunshine on High St that seems to say Easter holidays are here. I know most of us are getting ready for the Easter break and for the Street Art Festivities so I will keep this update very short and sweet.

Firstly, come to the Street Art Festival and support your local business partners in making our streets come alive.

Secondly, celebrate your own achievements and take a moment over the weekend to reflect on your business over the last 12 months.

Nominations for entry for the Fremantle Business Awards 2019 close at the end of the month. Entering the Fremantle Business Awards is more than just putting yourself on show.  It is about stopping in the pace of life to reflect on the great and the small things that keep us coming back to the daily grind that can be our working life.  It is about sharing with our staff and customers and thanking them for what they bring to our worlds.  It is about celebrating with our community and finding new ways to keep growing, learning and bettering the way we do business.


On business reflection, we launched this week our new partnership with the City of Fremantle.  We will lead a series of learning conversations with Western Australia’s leading business experts. This forum and live podcast recording is designed for Fremantle businesses to get immediate access to relevant, timely and important conversations. You provide the lead in asking the questions that you want to know to help your business grow.

Register here for Set the Month in Motion on our website and start your month focused!