“The Day You Plant the Seed is Not the Day You Eat the Fruit .” Fabienne Fredrickson, Business Author

My week started with a conversation last Monday with Chamber Member Kate Flower, whose beautiful image is featured above, about our podcasts and EDMs and the sheer volume of information that we have to share from our members and stakeholders, and finished with a fascinating conversation on the similarities between Fremantle and the Cook Islands at a private dinner by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for the Prime Minister of the Cook Islands that the Chamber was fortunate to have a seat at the table.

It is clear from both these conversations that whether you are in small business, or running a small nation, we all have a lot of questions on how we can do things better, yet there are so many opinions, research and information on how best to answer those questions.  Finding the best solution to doing things better and achieving results takes time, persistence and energy. This Chamber Weekly is dedicated to the perseverance of those who chose something different, hung on through the difficulty times and have achieved significant results.

Why not register for the Leaders Lunch to hear more about what is on the horizon and our the Leaders of our larger industry sectors are answering the questions of the future, join us for the next podcast in person to meet the panel and put your questions to them for answers or even snap up one of the few more exclusive tickets of our calendar to meet the Board and our Corporate partners at our Launch of the Business Awards this Tuesday.

We all have a story of growth and persistence to share, and learning directly from each other feels like a much more personable way to do it.


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