“Growth is Never by Mere Chance, it is the result of forces working together ” James Cash Penny


I am so pleased to announce a partnership with long standing Chamber Members Business Foundations, this week. This partnership will give our members the opportunity to participate in a new style of business growth training that is designed to build knowledge, skills, attitudes and confidence in your business to help it grow.

We have worked directly with Business Foundations to help re-structure their GROWTH program into a module based structure to fit in with the way we do business. The program modules start with Foundations for Growth (including business strategy, finance basics and time with a professional business consultant), Branding, Marketing and Business Development (to look at targets, growth and articulating your business story) and finally the hardest thing of all – People Management and Leadership (employing the right people for your business and managing the steps for personal growth for you and your team).

This is the first time we have been able to work so closely to be an active part of accredited business training and we hope many of you will benefit from this opportunity.

All Fremantle Chamber members, and their management teams, will receive a significant discount to the program, hosted here in our Chamber Boardroom. For more information contact Michelle, your Membership and Committee Officer.

We will also continue to feature and support learning and business growth through our monthly podcast conversations Set the Month in Motion. This conversation is set for the first Wednesday morning of every month and is sponsored by the City of Fremantle’s Business Capacity Building program.

I find learning from the stories of our members and business leaders who have achieved something unique in their business such an inspiring way to learn and find new ways to grow. Our podcast downloads are now at over 1,500 listens.  I really encourage you to join us Wednesday 3 March as we record and stream live with some of the winners of the recent Fremantle Business Awards 2020.

In addition to helping our businesses learn and grow, I am also so pleased to share our record of membership growth for our Chamber. We have seen over 20 new members join us in just the last two months. This diverse group of new committed local business leaders is listed below.

We will continue to work hard to connect you with businesses that can help, guide, support and collaborate in ways that help your businesses grow, but also help our Port City and surrounds continue to be a great place to do business.

For those of you lucky enough to have registered for our Australian Marine Complex Common User Facility tour tonight, I look forward to seeing you on the deck for an incredible sunset. For those who missed out there are a couple of new events up on the website so register soon so you don’t miss out.

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