It is the type of day when you hear your grandmother’s advice over and over in your head – “just make sure you have saved enough for a rainy day”.

For many of our businesses who have endured a number of years of tough economic climate conditions, having cash in the bank is just not a reality to help tide them over the next few weeks.

The City today is eerily quiet and preparations are being laid across our business services to prepare to manage this crisis.

We have gathered a few thoughts and updates for our different industry sectors, and will continue to work to advocate, lobby and support Fremantle business where we can. Please continue to send us in any updates or any figures that can help with our lobbying position for different sectors. Any ideas for solving some of the challenges are also very welcome to share.

Please do take care of each other and be kind in these trying times!

If nothing else, when all this crazy is over we will have raised a generation of children who know how to wash their hands and listen to their grandmother’s advice to keep some money in the bank for that rainy day.

Finally, it is probably a good time to sit down with a quiet cup of tea and listen to our PODCAST series for glimmers and creative ideas that might sustain us.

Please read our full list of INDUSRY UPDATES via this LINK


Image Credit : Cabin George Street