“Waiting hurts. Forgetting hurts. But not knowing which decision to take can sometimes be the most painful…”
José N. Harris – Mi Vida -Author a Story of Hope.

A week ago, it was hard to even comprehend what our community could potentially look like without venues to sustain us, creative industries to inspire & entertain us, sporting clubs to keep us connected and no independent retail to ensure the quirky and the different is at our finger-tips.

As a result of the Federal Government’s measures to increase social distancing that he announced over the weekend that is now our new reality.

The round two of federal govt stimulus packages are a significant step to assisting our businesses find their way through these times and this round seem more strongly focussed on how to get cash into businesses to keep them afloat across the uncertainty. It also reduces some pressure for our business leaders making the hard calls as the situation evolves.

The pressure on our business leaders to make these hard decisions every day in the face of new information makes for an incredibly stressful time. This compounded by the emotional pressure of needing to stand down teams of employees, honour Fair Work Principles and continue to meet their solvency checklists.

We are a resilient and a tough lot here in this Port City though and we are seeing lots of creative ideas from these talented souls who are doing their best to keep us safe, nourished and entertained. We are sharing some of these great ideas across our social media platforms (particularly Instagram follow us and #freogetscreative) and let’s keep working together to support each other.

The wise team at Clancy’s Fish Pub Admin said to me in the hallway here at the Chamber yesterday all we can do is keep doing our best to move forward and make good decisions as they present themselves.

We are continuing to lobby our respective agencies for industry specific assistance and it is great to see some flexibility around Directors insolvency risks announced this week. Chamber Member David Spencer from Business & Insolvency Solutions has worked hard over the last day or two to produce a great advice piece exclusively for Fremantle Chamber Members. This is outlined and linked below.

As consumers we also need to think about ways that we can continue to support our local businesses now, and in the future when they are really going to need it. We will still offer our Set the Month in Motion on Marketing to a Visually Sophisticated Market Place with a slight reframe around moving into online markets and attracting new followers. As the team at Media on Mars have suggested this is a great time to use the quiet to finally get around to getting your house in order – create some new flat lays, update your website content and start sharing your creative ideas with a world that is at home and listening.

Please read our full list of INDUSTRY UPDATES via this LINK.


IMAGE CREDIT: Rachel castle @rachelcastleandthings